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Deposits are insured by PDIC up to P500,000 per depositor

Imus Rural Bank offers various type of Peso Deposit Account. Our competitive interest rate on deposits and lowest maintaining balance is proven highly competitive and beneficial specially to our depositors.


Student/Kiddie Savers Account​

  • Lowest opening balance at P100.

  • Low maintaining balance of P100.

  • At 0.125% interest per Annum (Minimum balance to earn is P500).


Regular Savings Deposit​

  • Opening balance starts at P500.

  • Maintaining balance of P500 only.

  • At 0.125% interest per Annum.


Special Savings Deposit​

  • Can be withdrawn anytime without penalty

  • Higher interest rate than commercial banks, as high as 2.00% interest rate per annum

  • Minimum opening balance of P500,000.00


Checking Account Deposit​

  • Lowest opening balance at P5,000.

  • Low maintaining balance of P4,000.

  • Ideal for issuing post dated checks for monthly payments (Housing Loan, Car Loan, etc.).


AFTA Deposit​

  • Checking and Savings Account Combo

  • Opening balance of P10,000.00

  • Maintaining balance of P10,000.00

  • At 0.125% interest per Annum.







For those who wishes to start their own business or dreams of owning their very own house and lot or a brand new car, Imus Rural Bank offers various type of Money Lending for qualified borrowers at an affordable and competitive rate.


Choose from our various Loan Products below and we will be more than glad to assist you









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