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Requirements for Opening Deposit Accounts


It's easy to open an account with Imus Rural Bank. Simply bring the following requirements and you're all set.


  • Two valid ID (Preferrably Government Issued ID)

  • For students, bring your valid school ID and Birth Certificate

  • Two ID picture (1x1 or 2x2)

  • Proof of billing (for opening of Checking Account)






Requirements for Loan Application

  • Loan for Personal Consumption/Commercial Loan/Market Business Loan

  • Identification

    • Colored ID Picture (2x2)

    • Two(2) Government Issued ID

    • Proof of Billing

    • Barangay Clearance

    • Marriage Contract (if married)

    • Birth Certificate

  • Proof of Income

    • Employed

      • Income Tax Return (latest)

      • Certificate of Employment

      • Payslip (last 2 months)

    • OFW beneficiary

      • Proof of Remittance

      • Bank Statement

    • Self Employed

      • Income Tax Return/Affidavit of Income

      • Financial Statement

      • DTI Permit

      • Business Permit/Mayor's Permit

  • Post Dated Checks


  • Additional Requirements for Secured Loans

    • Loans Secured by Real Estate Mortgage

      • Transfer Certificate of Title

      • Updated Real Estate Tax Receipt

      • Tax Declaration

      • Tax Clearance

      • Location Plan

  • Car/Auto Loan

    • OR/CR/Insurance Policy

    • Stencil of Motor No. and Chassis No. from LTO


(Note : For 2nd hand cars, car model should not be more than 4 yrs below current Year)



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